User Instructions

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Your Customer Interface Unit (Keypad) helps you to manage your water usage and load credit on your meter. Your keypad should be securely mounted inside your house against the closest wall to your water meter.

The keypad refresh automatically every hour or you may refresh manually by pressing the # button twice. The display shows 2 messages, changing over every 10 seconds, with a conditional 3rd message.

1. Credit Status CrEdit
No CrEd
You are using your purchased credit Credit running low.
Purchase more credit Credit finished.
Meter closed
You are using your Free Basic Water
Free Basic Water is running low
2. Remaining Credit 1.980m3 1m3 = 1kL = 1000 Litres of water
3. Notifications LEAK
Err XX
Possible leak on property
Consumer lock activated
Meter battery low. Not KEYPAD battery
Error present. Report to Call Centre

How and where do I buy water?

Credit tokens are purchased from thousands of vendors, online, ATM’s, Unipin etc. All you need is your 11 digit Prepaid Number starting with 31..., printed next to the display on your meter or use #0# to have it displayed on your keypad. Your 20 digit token is printed on your receipt. Load the token by starting with the 1st number of the token on the keypad, followed by the rest of the numbers. After the last number is entered, the keypad automatically sends the token to the meter. The keypad responds with a message if the token was accepted or not.

ACCEPT Loaded successfully, followed by the credit purchased in m3 Err xx Write down the error code and report to your nearest Call Centre
INVALID Token entered incorrectly. Re-try FULL Meter cannot take more credit
USED Token already used OLD Token expired

How do I buy water via online banking?

Select “Payment”
“Purchase Prepaid”,
“Add beneficiary”,
“Beneficiary: Waterwatch
“Prepaid service “Electricity”,
Meter no: 31_ _ _ __ _ _ _
Click on search and follow instructions.
Select “Buy”
Name: Waterwatch
Meter no: 31_ _ _ __ _ _ _
Send voucher to: “Your cellphone number”
Select “Prepaid”
“Prepaid recharge”
“Prepaid electricity”
Type of recharged: “Electricity”
Enter amount “R…..”
Enter meter no: 31_ _ _ __ _ _ _
Enter pin code received on your cellphone.

Free Basic Water (FBW) and paid credit display

If free basic water is applicable, the keypad will display FREE until your FBW is finished. Paid credit will only be displayed once the free water is finished. To see how much paid credit is on the meter while you are still in FREE water, press #1# on the keypad. After the FBW is finished, the paid credit will be displayed.

What else is displayed on the CIU?

Short Codes

A number of Short Codes are available to obtain additional information from your meter:

Short Code Function Example
## Refresh display Credit / 5.950m3
#0# Prepaid number 31 0028 5637 9
#1# Paid credit available 5.950m3
#2# Free Basic Water available 6.000m3
#7# Used today 1.354m3
#8# Used this month 35.287m3
#9# Used on average over last 3 months 28.600m3
#10# Electronic meter reading (Totalizer) 123456m3
#11# Leak size (Water lost per hour) 0.009m3/h
#13# Total used to date 354.722m3
#14# Total paid credit loaded to date 349.000m3
#20# Used last month 30.786m3
#21# Used 2 months ago 31.123m3
#22# Used 3 months ago 25.777m3
#30# -> #39# Last 10 tokens entered (30 most recent) 1234567 8901234 567890
#40# -> #49# Last 10 credits loaded (40 most recent) Credit, 10.000m3, 31.01.18
#51# Lock or unlock meter. Press 1 to confirm Locked, Open
#53# User totalizer 1.234m3
#54# Reset user totalizer 0.000m3

Battery Replacement

The keypad is powered by 2 x AA size alkaline batteries, available from any shop.

Additional Water Management Features

A User Totalizer is available if you want to measure how much water you used for a specific event, for example watering your garden or to check how much your washing machine is using. On the keypad enter the code (#54#) to Reset User Totalizer to 0.000 m³. After using the water, enter the code (#53#) to read your User Totalizer. The total shown is how much water was just used.

Consumption History for the last three months can be viewed on your keypad.

A Token History is kept of the last 10 tokens entered. To see the most recent token press #30#. To see the amount of credit loaded and date for this token press #40#. The second most recent token is #31# & #41#, up to the 10th token using #39# & #49#.

You may Lock your Meter when you go away from your house to work or on holiday so that nobody else can use your water. Enter Lock Meter code (#51# and 1 for YES) to close the meter. Use the same code to unlock your meter when your return to your house.

The Keypad Lock code locks your keypad from unwanted pressing of buttons. Press and hold #, until LOCKED is displayed. This does not affect your meter at all. Press and hold # to unlock.

Free Basic Water (FBW) may be activated on your meter and will be available automatically at the start of each month. Only after your FBW is finished, your purchased credit will be used.

Water Consumption Table

Shower Top of the range showerhead 17 Litres per minute 5 minutes = 85 Litres
10minutes = 170 Liter per shower
Efficient showerhead 8 Litres per minute 5 minutes = 40 Litres
10minutes = 85 Liter per shower
Bath Half full 80 Litres
Full 140 Litres
Toilet Single flush 12 Litres (Stuck cistern : 17 liters per minute = 1020 liter per hour)
Dual halve flush 3 Litres
Bathroom Brushing teeth shaving with tap running 5 Litres per minute 5 minutes = 25 Litres
Kitchen Washing dishes by hand 18 Litres
Old type dishwasher 60 Litres / wash
Modern dishwasher 18 Litres / wash
Laundry Modern front loader 60 Litres
Twin tub 70 Litres
Top loader 200 Litres
Irrigation Sprinklers (Household) 1 400 Litres per hour 4 hours = 5 600 Liters
Sprinklers (Larger diameterpipes) 3 800 Litres per hour 4 hours = 15 200 Liters
Leaks Leaking toilet 0.5 up to 7 liters per hour 0.5 l/min = 720 liter day
7 l/min = 10 080 liters per day
Leak in pipework Up to 1 400 liter per hour 10 hours = 14 000 liters

Trouble Shooting

Keypad gives ‘FAILED’ message
The keypad is unable to communicate with your meter. Make sure there is no major obstruction between your meter and your keypad, for example a vehicle parked next to you meter. During installation, the best position for your keypad was selected for the best radio communication. If this problem persists, contact your Call Centre.

Meter not dispensing water On your keypad check if the Water Tap icon is displayed. If displayed, then you have credit and the meter is open. Check if your neighbour has water, as it is possible that the whole area is without water. If the Water Tap icon is not displayed, you meter may be locked or you do not have credit on your meter.

No Free Basic Water (FBW)
Confirm if you are eligible to receive FBW, if it is daily or monthly and from what time it is available. For daily FBW the keypad should display ‘FREE’ every morning automatically. Monthly FBW starts on the first day of each month. The keypad displays ‘FREE’ until your FBW is finished. If you did not receive it, contact your Call Centre. They will be able to determine if FBW is activated on your meter, or when and how much FBW you already used. You may also not receive your FBW automatically, but have to collect your FBW tokens from your nearest vendor.

Water gets finished quickly
Check for leaks on your property or maybe somebody else is using your water. Lock your meter when you are away from home, and check for any leaking pipes, taps and toilets. The ‘Leak’ icon should never be visible on your keypad.

No Credit on my meter
When the ‘No Cred’ message is displayed, you have no credit on your meter and it is closed. Purchase more credit.

Possible water Leak
If there is a water leak, a water drop as well as a ‘LEAK’ message is displayed on your keypad. Press #11# to see how much water is lost per hour due to this leak. It is important to fix this leak, as it will finish your credit very quickly. Once the leak is repaired, the message disappears the next day.

Keypad is not switching on
Replace the batteries in your keypad. You can purchase any AA size Alkaline (Penlight) battery at your local store, and fit them. If it still does not work, report to your nearest Call Centre.

There is an error message on my keypad
Write down the error code and report to your nearest Call Centre.

My token does not work
Make sure the Prepaid Number on the receipt is the same as on your meter. You cannot enter a token from another meter. See Loading Credit for possible messages returned by your meter. If the meter returns an error code when you enter your token, contact the Call Centre and give them the error code.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I get my Free Basic Water?
The keypad indicates which credit is being used. ‘Credit’ means purchased credit and ‘Free’ means Free Basic Water. If your keypad display ‘FREE’, but you want to see how much paid credit you have available, press #1#.

How much water do I get for my credit?
The credit available on your meter is displayed in Cubic Meters (m3). 1m3 equals to 1kL or 1000Litres. If the credit on your meter is displayed for example as ‘5.321 m3’, this means you have 5.321 kL or 5321 Litres of water. If you buy credit for example for R10.00, the Vendor calculates how much water (m3) you should get, based on the water tariff, and your monthly consumption pattern.

How much water do I use?
Press #7# to see how much you used today.
Press #8# to see how much you used for this month.
Press #9# to see how much you used on average over the previous 3 months. (Accurate after 3 months from installation)
Press #20# to see how much you used last month.

I want to measure how much water I use when watering my garden?
First press #54# on your keypad to reset your User Totalizer. Open the tap and use the water that you want to measure. When done, close the tap, and press #53#. The keypad displays how much water you just used.