Your Key Pad

The keypad is also referred to as Consumer Interface Unit (CIU) and is mounted inside your building. It communicates with your prepaid water meter by means of a wireless radio frequency (RF) link.

The keypad displays information about your meter, consumption and available credit and is also used to load credit by entering your 20 digit credit tokens. The keypad automatically updates every hour with the latest data from the meter or can update immediately on request. Its display alternates every 10 seconds between the following three messages:
  • Credit Mode: The type and status of credit dispensed (Credit, Credit Low, No Credit, Free, Free Low, Special, Life Line, Emergency Credit & Test)
  • Credit Remaining: Credit available in kilolitres (kL)
  • Special Message: Meter Locked, Leak, Battery Low, Error xx


Keypad Commands

KEYPAD LOCK - To unlock or lock the keypad, press and hold the # key until “Un/Locked” is displayed

You can enter any of the following hash (#) commands to return information about your meter like viewing your credit history and water usage, as well as many other user-friendly features.

The table below shows the information you can obtain from the meter by pressing the indicated code with examples of results.

Code Function Result
## Refresh Display Credit / 10.76 kℓ (= 10 760L)
#0# Prepaid MeterNumber 310000 1234
#1# Paid Credit Available 10.345 kℓ
#7# Used Today 7.345 kℓ
#8# Used This Month 15.250 kℓ
#9# Used on average over last 6 months 65.234 kℓ
#10# Meter Reading (Totalizer) 123456 kℓ
#13# Total Used to Date 65.547 kℓ
#14# Paid Credit Loaded to Date 1023.333 kℓ
#15# Paid Credit Used for the Month 5.678 kℓ
#30# || #39# Last 10 tokens entered (30 is the most Recent) 1234 5678 9012 3456 7890
#51# Consumer valve lock or unlock Locked, Open
#53# User Totalizer 7.345 kℓ
#54# Reset User Totalizer 0.000 kℓ

Battery Replacement

The CIU is powered by 2 AA size alkaline batteries. They are readily available, and be done by the consumer himself.