Waterwatch provides an easy to use web portal where consumers can view historic information about their water purchases and consumption. The information shown will reflect that of the prepaid meter/s that is installed at the requested addressed and may contain data of a previous occupant as we do not keep any personal information about the consumers. Any consumer can register on the Consumer Portal as follows:
  1. Go to the Waterwatch website and click on the Consumer Login link top right
  2. Click on Register or Login with your e-mail address
  3. Select your apartment name and number (start searching by entering the first 3 letters of your city)
  4. Enter the serial number of your meter as displayed on your meter or keypad
  5. Enter your e-mail address as user name


Owners can view all information related to prepaid water sales and consumption by means of the Waterwatch Management Portal or the Waterwatch (WW6) application. Implementations where card or token meters are used will require the WW6 application whilst STS meter owners can transact through the web portal. Both systems provide access to the following information:
  1. Account information, transactions & statements
  2. Water Sales and consumption
  3. Exception/fault reports
  4. Bulk Reconciliation where bulk meters are managed
  5. WW6 – Management functions through connected Card/token readers
Owners and management agencies are registered during the water meter implementation process.